Concrete Repair Products

CRP'BCRP' (BCRP Bitumen Concrete Road Prime)

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Due to its totally unique formulation and blend of bitumen resins and hydrocarbons, CRP BCRP is an excellent cold applied primer coat, for asphalt and bitumen overlays. It is ideally suitable for bridge decks and road construction where a concrete curing compound has been removed and bitumen primer is required before the application of bitumen/asphalt wearing slab.

CRP – EC 30

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CRP’EC30’ is designed to penetrate 12mm to 25mm into the base and sub-base of stabilized limestone, gravel, caliche bases. Traditionally known as cutback asphalts, prime coats (aka. primes), have been known to most effectively cure sub-base and base materials, while at the same time been scrutinized for its un-environmental application methods.

CRP – EC 20

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CRP’EC20’ is a water-base formulation and environmental alternative to asphalt emulsions. Thus, CRP’EC20’ is an alternative to Prime Coats, PCE (Prime Cure Emulsion), AEP (Asphalt Emulsion Prime), prime emulsions, and tack coats (EAP&T). CRP’EC20’ membrane forming technology, allows the product to cure, seal, and form a bond in stabilized bases. Unlike traditional asphalt emulsions and tack coats, CRP’EC20’ does not contain hydrocarbons or solvent agents like Benzenes, Mineral Spirits, Kerosene, or Petroleum Oils.

  • Basement/Substructures
  • Bridge/Road Structures
  • Chemical Protection
  • Dam/Spillway/Hydro
  • Lift Pits
  • Marine Environments
  • Mining
  • Pools
  • Precast
  • Roof/Balconies
  • Sewerage/Reservoir
  • Shotcrete Concrete
  • Sporting/Recreational
  • Tunnels