Concrete Repair Products

CONCRETE REPAIRPRODUCTS has a history dating back 20 years in the application of Concrete Repair and the application of Concrete Curing Compound, on bridge and road construc-tion, as well as wharfs and high rise concrete structures, whether it be civil or civil works.

CONCRETE REPAIR PRODUCTS have had a range of high grade Water Resistant and very robust in application to the various requirements caused by external and internal element.

Our CPR STAYPUT repair mortars are second to none.

CONCRETE REPAIR PRODUCTS concrete curing compounds have a moisture retention rate of 90% plus (those marked AS3799) and have been applied on Melbourne (Australia).

Largest road projects over those 20 years, and I can say, CONCRETE REPAIR PRODUCTS has the curing compound to suit all projects, from roads, airports, high rise, wharfs and even domestic uses.

  • Basement/Substructures
  • Bridge/Road Structures
  • Chemical Protection
  • Dam/Spillway/Hydro
  • Lift Pits
  • Marine Environments
  • Mining
  • Pools
  • Precast
  • Roof/Balconies
  • Sewerage/Reservoir
  • Shotcrete Concrete
  • Sporting/Recreational
  • Tunnels